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About the Colony

Hey, welcome to Crypto Colony Pool section. Let me introduce us and our mission. In 2019, in our free time, we started creating educational articles and later also educational videos on the Crypto Colony YouTube channel, in which we try to show people how cryptocurrencies work in a friendly animated form. This creation costs us a lot of energy and time, and in order to keep it sustainable, we were looking for more hands and a source of funding.

That’s why we, as big fans of Cardano, decided to establish the Crypto Colony Pool and take a part of the profit just to create educational content that will make life easier not only for newcomers to the crypto.

Loyalty program

All delegators are entitled to a special reward for faithful service in the colony in the form of hand-drawn NFTs, depicting the colonist’s journey to a new world. The NFT can be claimed after a given number of epochs, which the delegator continuously spent in the Crypto Colony Pool. To ensure rarity, the NFTs have a limited number and only the fastest colonists will be able to claim them. The fourth NFT will be edited individually according to the author’s wishes. If you have a claim already to receive NFT and we have not sent you any, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find more NFTs from Colonist series in the menu under the NFT tab.

#4 NFT Veteran


25 epochs

minted: 27/1000

An enthusiastic newcomer who broke the money box, sold grandmother’s gold chain and bought full bags of ADA. He devours every word of YouTube experts and is able to promote his favorite cryptocurrency for hours. His friends were bothered by his chatter, so he packed his things and went to the colony to mint some blocks.


50 epochs

minted: 21/1000

The recruit is actively involved in the production of blocks. He also went through his first panic attack when he could not find access data to his only wallet. He learned his lesson and rewrote his seed from a paper napkin in a safer place. He also gradually realizes that he will not be a crypto millionaire within a year.


75 epochs

minted: 10/1000

A seasoned colonist who has helped mint many blocks and has been contributing to the colony’s growth for a long time. He had dropped the crystal ball long ago, yet the novices still ask him for impossible predictions. He knows very well that Cardano rewards hodlers.


100 epochs

unique colonist

The heart of a colony without which it simply would not work. He has been staking ADA since ever and mint more blocks than the average Minecraft streamer. The colonists come and go, but he is clear where he belongs.


We are building Crypto Colony. A community of crypto fans who work together to create educational content about cryptocurrencies in order to educate not only newcomers in this complex environment. Anyone can join, anyone can contribute according to their abilities and experience. You can create an educational video, review news, write an article, translate ready-made content, etc. Its your choice!

To ensure the motivation of the creators, we follow the example of Cardano treasury.


We send 20% of our profit to the treasury. This amount is dedicated to the creation of new educational content. Anyone can get involved and will be rewarded accordingly. This ensures the long-term growth of the colony and at the same time motivates the creators to create content from the field of cryptocurrencies.

The treasury is not funded by delegators’ fees.


Crypto Colony Pool started with a “pledge” of 21,000 ADA and 0% fees. Our main goal was to increase the pledge to 25,000 ADAs so that we can apply for possible support from the Cardano Foundation or IOG. We managed to make the increase at the beginning of June, and with a little luck, at least 4,000,000 ADAs will appear in our pool one morning.

For the time being, the fees for delegators remain at 0%. When the 1,000,000 ADA target is reached, the fees will be set to 0.95%. When the ADA 2,000,000 target is reached, the fees will be set to 2%. This setting is final. The funds will be used to reinforce the pool’s infrastructure and to increase the amount deposited in the treasury.

Our priority is to reach 1,100,000 ADAs as soon as possible. This will give us a percentage chance of allocating a slot in an epoch higher than 100%, which means regular rewards for our delegators and the natural arrival of new colonists. Before reaching this goal, we offer loyalty bonuses to all delegators with a higher amount of ADA. For more info please contact us.

Technical Specifications

  • Ticker: CCP
  • Pledge: 25,000 ADA
  • Fixed Cost: 340 ADA
  • Fee: 0%
  • Adress: pool1vwquf4wt465lhketcy2j7jwpz5l6l0ce6a79ga3y4wg7gc8egp0
  • Infrastructure: 3x VPS (2x vCPU, vRAM 8GB), Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, 1x BP + 2x RL We use multiple data centers (based in New York and Stockholm) with redundant internet connection, UPS and diesel-powered generators in backup. There is a guaranteed 99,99% uptime.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford

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